Stepless Ear Clamps PG 167 PEX US-1

Stepless Ear Clamps PG 167 PEX US


167 Stainless Steel, Material no. 1.4301/UNS S30400

PEXGrip® Series
The PEXGrip® patent pending series is pre-set to prevent the clamp from sliding.  It grips the tube for easy installation.

PEXGrip® Series
PEX Tube Clamp Size width x thickness
1/2″ 17.5 mm 7.0 x 0.8 mm
3/4″ 23.3 mm 9.0 x 0.8 mm

PEX Stainless Steel Steplessยฎ Ear Clamps PG 167 – FOR US MARKET ONLY

PEX plumbing connection:  fast and secure Narrow band: concentrates transmission of clamping force, less weight 360ยฐ Steplessยฎ Sealing Technology: uniform compression Specially formed strip edges: reduced risk of damage the tube Design: tamper detectable